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Grocery Delivery Service for Busy Women

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Welcome To MyFoodyShop

We bring your delicacies to life

MyFoodyShop was born out of a need to support women who have to juggle between work, caring for little children, handling home chores and then go shopping for groceries. We understand that sometimes these activities can be overwhelming and put undue pressure on women; and this is why we decided to ease a part of this burden


Hire a Personal Shopper

Let’s help you shop fresh foodstuffs/groceries from the market or at your favorite supermarket

Order Cooked Meals

We can prepare and deliver home made tasty cooked meals based on your specifications

Cook-a-dish Service

We prepare and deliver ingredients for our special recipes
Quick Delivery

easy order in 3 steps

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Chat with Us

Reach out to us on whatsApp, Facebook, email or call us and tell us your needs

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Make Payment

We send you our quote; you make payment

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We Shop & Deliver

We do the shopping and deliver it to you quickly and fresh

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How do I make payment?

I want to shop for groceries, what do I do?

What is the delivery charge?

The delivery charge is not fixed but varies based on location and weight of items purchased. But the delivery charge is included in the service charge.

What is the service charge?