New to Port Harcourt and want to know the different markets in the City?Thinking of visiting the markets to make purchases for foodstuff?

Do you know some of the major markets in Port Harcourt?

Let’s take you on a short tour of some of our major open markets in Port Harcourt, Rivers State


1, Oilmill Market: One of the most popular and biggest open markets in port harcourt for fresh produce. The advantage of this market is that fresh produce is usually cheaper when compared to other markets especially for produce like fresh tomatoes, Fresh pepper, Tatashe, Shombo, Onions and so many other fresh items. It’s also a place where you can buy items in bulk especially for resellers and wholesalers. You can find almost any kind of fresh food item in this market. The disadvantage is that because of the popularity of this market, it has a tendency to get over crowded, so if you don’t like crowded places (or you are claustrophobic), then it is advisable you stay away from this market and probably visit smaller less-crowded markets in some other parts of the city. Alternatively you can visit , an online foodstuff ecommerce store in the heart of Port Harcourt city.


2, Fruit Garden Market: A much more cleaner market where you can equally get fresh food items though not as cheap as the Oil mill Market. The advantage this market has over the Oilmill market aside from the clean stalls is that it’s a hub for fresh salad items. All kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits for salads especially can be found here. Examples include Broccoli, Cauliflower, Marrow, Egg plants, Strawberries, Foreign lemon , mint leaves, spinach .There are lots of items to choose from. The disadvantage of this market is that some items here may be slightly more expensive, for example a custard bucket of tomatoes may be sold here for N1200 but at the Oilmill market you can find the same quantity for N900. Also, you may not find every item you need in this market. It’s best for those shopping for fresh and other salad items.


3, Town or Borikiri Market: Mainly known as the hub for all kinds of dry fishes and crayfish. If you are seeking where to get dry fishes such as Oporo (dry Prawns), Crayfish, Mangala, Asa fish, shine nose etc, then you are sure of finding it here. Also found here are different kinds of seafoods such as snails, water snails, Periwinkle (popularly known as Isam), crabs, oyster etc. You can find them in large quantities here. Other food items such as Yams, Rice, soup and stew ingredients, etc  sold here as well. The disadvantage is the disorganized nature  of the market and it can also be crowded and quite uncomfortable shopping here (if you don’t like crowded places).


4, Rumuokoro Market: A very big market especially if you are looking at shopping for yams, plantain and other food ingredients. Various trucks from the North arrive at this market weekly to offload truckloads of tubers of yam. Some people prefer this market due to the location and closeness to their homes especially for those staying at Rukpokwu, Rumuigbo, Choba, Agip etc  as the other markets are very far from them.


5, Mile One market: Also a very big market where you can find a variety of items. Whether you are looking for food items, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc. This is a big “general” market where you can find almost any kind of consumables you seek. Some areas are pretty clean and quite easy to shop from.

Others include Bori Camp markets, Rumuomasi Morning Market etc

One thing about these markets is that you can find varied products based on your need and preferences. Some you can visit if you are buying to resell a particular kind of product while others you can visit if you are looking to buy a varied list of items for home use.

If you are someone who dislikes crowded places or you simply don’t have the time to shop by yourself due to time constraint, There are lots of online grocery stores and shoppers you can contact to help you with your shopping needs. Whether you are shopping in bulk or just buying a little supply to stock up , you are sure of being served optimally. Click here ( to shop from the comfort of your home.

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